Only genuine leather shoes can provide for passage of air through the built of the material. While with other shoes you may witness problems including smelliness, these problems are non-existent in the leather shoes. Your feet remain cool and comfortable because of the passage of air, and there is no foul odor as well.

Resistance to Water and Moisture

Moisture and humidity are present in all kinds of the environment to varying degrees. Direct water may also affect your footwear and shoes when you are walking the streets, are in the kitchen, or at other areas as well. Genuine leather shoes are waxed and treated and can resist water and moisture easily.


Genuine leather shoes may keep your feet protected to a greater extent when compared to the faux leather or other kinds of shoes made of synthetic leather. Genuine leather protects against falling objects of lighter weight, as well as hot liquids.

Fit and Comfort

Because genuine leather can mold itself according to the shape of the feet, it is always more comfortable and offers a better fit.

Genuine leather shoes are available in various styles and are quite easy to clean as well. Buying them online at discounted prices a great option to live in style and comfort.