Men may now dress today in many different ways and can match their shoes to meet the occasion or situation ideally. A men designer leather shoe in Delhi is easily available online, at the click of the mouse. Men can try the simple and the plain shoes, or may also go with the shoes with pleasing intricate, perforations, fancy and minute stitching, edgings and other details. Here are some of the best selling shoe varieties in the most preferred hierarchal order.

The Oxford Cap-Toe or Whole cut

Leading the list are the Oxford shoes. Oxfords are plain and simple and are often devoid of the perforations, allied stitching and other kinds of design elements. In an Oxford, the eyelet flap meets the vamp of the shoe on the continuous and same plane. Vamp is that part of the leather that is located between the lacing flaps and the toe. In the whole-cut oxford, the upper is cut and is fashioned by using one single piece of leather. The cap-oxford has a capped kind of look, with one or multiple stitching. These shoes look best with the suits, tuxedos, evening wear, and with coats and blazers as well.


The Derby shoes can be said to be the open-laced sibling of the Oxford shoe. In these shoes, the lacing flaps are stitched on the upper part of the shoe directly. A stitch line may cause the interruption and hence these are considered to be less dressy when compared to the Oxfords. The open-lacing shoes may also be worn with the suits, as the difference is hard to notice. They go well with the jeans, cotton trousers, cotton, linen, tweed and other kinds of casual fabrics.


The strap shoes can be the single-monk or the double-monk straps. Instead of laces, a buckle-strap system secures the shoe to the wearer’s foot. Some term this as fashion and these shoes are today quite common. These shoes go well with the suits that are worn without a tie. They also look good with the ruffled chinos, cotton trousers and wool trousers that have well pressed.

The variety relating to men designer shoe in Delhi is astounding when you shop online. With discounts and home delivery, you cannot ask for more.