We all get excited, amazed, and surprised by the astounding variety of shoes that face us whenever we visit a shoe shop. While some of us prefer comfort, others have style in mind whenever they wish to buy a shoe. We would never like our attire to look ugly, but compromising with comfort may result in foot problems. Hence it is important to adapt to a more balanced approach when we select any footwear including leather shoes in Delhi. Here are some of the important features of a shoe that you should check and inspect when you want a more comfortable footwear and shoe for yourself, which can be worthwhile for a long time period.

Ankle Collar

An ankle collar can provide more support and comfort to the ankle. As they can prevent friction as well as rubbing, their presence makes any shoe more comfortable, and we are able to wear these shoes for longer time periods. The ankle collar is that part of the shoe which will ultimately wrap itself around the ankle, at the place where the Achilles notch is located.

Achilles Notch

The shoe groove that is located at its back is called an Achilles notch. Your Achilles tendon and the shoe meet at this point. As the notch is present close to your heel, it can prevent friction, rubbing, and formation of blisters that can be painful as well. A shoe with the Achilles notch will also provide for prevention of tearing of the skin.

Toe Box

The toe box is that part of the shoe where your toe is placed and rests, whenever you wear the shoe. Many people do not care much about this area while buying the shoe. But if the toe box is too small, the shoe will be highly uncomfortable sooner than you anticipate. Sores and/or bunions may also occur. Hence see to it that the toe box has ample of space to house and place your toes comfortably.

Mid Floor

The mid floor, as the name suggests, makes the middle part of the shoe where your foot rests. It is essentially the floor of the shoe that may provide comfort while walking, and also controls foot motions. The new leather shoes in Delhi have comfortable mid floors. You can also buy an additional insert to make the shoe region more comfortable for your feet.

These are the important features of your shoe that must be checked before you buy one. Check the options available carefully in order to choose the best and most comfortable option.