Shoes made of genuine leather are highly comfortable, durable, and quite popular across the globe and in India. The faux leather shoes have also improved in their configuration and design over a period of time, but still, they cannot match the perfection and comfort offered by genuine leather shoes. While the genuine leather shoes can be a bit more costly, they last longer, are stronger, and over a period of time tend to be more cost-effective when compared to shoes made from other kinds of materials.

As pure leather shoes in Delhi are very comfortable, you would not like to compromise on this aspect. Here is how you can find a difference between genuine and faux leather shoes easily.

Distinguish by smelling

The genuine leather shoes have a distinctive animal and natural leather,yet pleasing kind of smell. The faux leather shoes smell of chemicals and vinyl and the smell is not pleasing for many.


The inner lining of genuine leather shoes may have the suede. On the other hand, the faux leather shoes have the seams that poke out of it, because of the fabric treatment. The genuine leather shoe may have a rough texture and a more quality and firm feel to it. Artificial and Faux leather shoes also have that artificial gloss, which is absent in the premium genuine leather shoes.

Testing by bending

The genuine leather shoes easily bend in half and no wrinkles appear on them. As faux leather does not offer elasticity, there are wrinkles present after bending it.

Foot adjustment

The genuine leather shoes expand over a period of time so as to suit and fit your feet more perfectly. The faux leather shoes, on the other hand, do not expand but may get even harder after some time.

Pure leather shoes in Delhi are now only a click away, as leading shoe manufacturers offer their premium genuine leather shoe and footwear range through the web portals, at very affordable costs.