All footwear that can suit any kind of formal occasion or situation is termed as formal footwear. A professional meeting, a weeding, a job done at a work place are all formal situations. But today Mens formal shoes online in Delhi take many different styles, and designs. These shoes get you dressed ideally for a particular kind of occasion, and can also match your outfit, attire or dress. You may also have your own aesthetic and style preferences, and would like the formal shoe to look as good to you as it looks to others. Here are 5 formal shoes according to style and type variations.

1. Brogue

The Brogue style and variety belongs to timeless shoes that are also quite famous and popular. They are often the companion of suits, and also work well with the denims. The lie below the ankle and are made of classic or suede leather. Oxford (closed face) and Derby (open lace) are two popular varieties within this category.

2. The Chelsea Boot

While the Chelsea boots can be more rogue types, they are still considered to be a variety of formal shoes. All you need is to match them well with your attire. They are made from real genuine leather or suede, and have the elastic panel on the side, which makes them easier to wear. They make a distinct appearance with the tailored suits.

3. Loafer

These are highly popular shoes with a low profile. They look good when worn at the formal occasions, but many people also wear them along with their denim jeans. They are highly comfortable and are slip- on kinds of footwear with no hassles attached. The Penny and the Tassel (often worn without socks) Loafers are the most common Loafer shoe varieties available.

4. Boot

These shoes go without socks and look good when worn with chinos. While they may appear more casual, they are still splendid choice for the “later day” meetings.

5. Desert Boot

They look casual, but can be styled to suit the formal aspirations. They are worn with denims and jeans most often, but can go with the tapered fits. With the availability of Mens formal shoes online, it is now easy for you to get the most desired style through the click of the mouse.