Kosher Leather maintains a strict copyright policy. For the purpose of security and for the customer’s protection from fraud our company follows few rules.

Let on rules (Authorized)

  1. The site can be used for personal use and studies which will not be considered as illegal.
  2. The site can be used for any kind of research or survey which are under the legal act.
  3. The graphics and pictures of the site is only authorized to “Kosher Leather”. One can use them only for personal purpose and not for any commercial use.
  4. In the event of any authorized things of the site being used, grant and permission is required from the appropriate authority in “kosher leather” company.
  5. Acknowledgment and reference is necessary from the company for using any information shared about this company

Deny rules (Unauthorized)

  1. The company will not allow any kind of unauthorized copy without requisite permission of the company.
  2. Kosher Leather” company owns the license of the content and material of the design, layout, look, appearance and graphics of the website of the company. Without the copyright notice any kind of duplication is illegal and will not be approved.
  3. The logos and formats which are duplicated and not the property of, or licensed to the operator, are widely recognized on the website of the company.
  4. Unauthorized use of “Kosher Leather” may be taken as illegal and /or a criminal offence.
  5. The company will be informed immediately if any unauthorized use of the site is done through the data sharing sensor.